New Ways Cannabis May Help Combat Other Vices

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New Ways Cannabis May Help Combat Other Vices

Cannabis has been having a good couple of years. The one thing no one could envision – the complete legalization of recreational marijuana (in some states) – through the paranoia-soaked fog of the War on Drugs years is now as clear a reality as the sun rising over Puget Sound.

With legalization has come a deluge of new companies that have turned cannabis, in all its varied forms, into just another consumer product, bought like you would buy a pack of cigarettes or a can of beer.

And running just parallel to cannabis’ legislative successes is its growing acceptance as a legitimate treatment option for various conditions among the medical and scientific communities.

Study after study has demonstrated the usefulness of cannabis, its leaf and other forms like oil and edibles included, in everything from pain management, to treating muscle spasms and nausea.

Two recent studies have only added to the already extensive body of work to show why cannabis is a worthy alternative to more traditional, pharmacological therapies for the treatment of various mental and physical disorders.

One study, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, found that a group of Canadian respondents, in many cases, substituted other, more habit-forming substances like prescription opioids and antidepressants, for marijuana to treat their conditions. The study was done to gauge the effectiveness of a new drug policy put in place just a few years ago.

The second study suggests a potential use for vaping cannabis as a harm reduction therapy for the cessation of tobacco use. The study explores the close relationship between cannabis and tobacco consumption and how the vaping of marijuana, (without tobacco, without combustion), can help disassociate the effects of nicotine from the effects of cannabis.

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