New Way To Inhale Marijuana? Vapen Makes It Easier!

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Vapen Clear Inhaler


Vapen has changed the way we will be able to inhale marijuana for the better.
Normally to get high you need to light up the flower, dab, or cook it into an edible and activate the THC using heat. However the Arizona company Vapen has made a much easier method to inhale marijuana. Instead of using any flames, you simply use the Vapen inhaler like a normal albuterol inhaler. Arizona Vapen has made many products for patients in Arizona, mostly E-pens for vaping marijuana in. They even do Solvent-free extracts which is currently one of the most purest forms of dabs. The inhaler will also have 100mg of THC in them making each dose 10mg giving you 100 doses. Making this legal with the laws for recreational use by breaking it down in 10mg doses. Rather than heating up the THC, the inhaler simply uses a propellant to blast the medicine directly into your lungs.

You might be wondering how can you get high off of this?
This is simply because they activate the THC before putting it into the inhaler. This is like making edibles in a way but a different method of creating it. The best way to picture how the inhaler works is to think of those Too Tart candy spray bottles. It will hold a liquid inside, when sprayed it will disperse the liquid in a controlled amount and you have your sweets. This is much like how a real inhaler works, with having the THC already active when you ingest this which is by the lungs you will absorb the active THC and process it. They will provide 3 different versions of the inhaler, a Sativa named “Daytime”, Indica named “Nighttime”, and the Hybrid as  “Afternoon”.

As this becomes more available it will be a new revolution into the many ways we can safely intake marijuana and reducing any harm by smoke that can be caused. I think this will be great help with legalization for marijuana. Providing safer ways and showing the possibilities to intake marijuana are endless. They do plan to expand the Vapen from Arizon to California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Once they bring this into the other legal states it will become a big thing. I know many tourist here in Colorado love the discreet options and this will be the best one. You can even use this in public without drawing attention to yourself. Most people see an inhaler object and just assume you have asthma. I look forward to testing this out when it becomes available.

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