The New Reefer Ritual, Silver Haze in the City

Article by Teniel Messado, High! Canada

The New Reefer Ritual, Silver Haze in the City Teniel Messado

Skylines and Sativas set the scene for sparks to fly. But when you need more than Nuken and Chill in your level of Intimacy – it’s time to elevate your romantic reefer rituals.

It wasn’t all that long ago, your young 20-something self may have gathered at the local vapor lounge to try and implement the bar formula, smoking out a potential budding babe to plant connections in a 420-friendly environment. Even with the appealing one-click accessibility of modern developments, your younger self would have marveled in skipping the small-bill cover charge and consignment couches and going straight to canna cuddles : conversation optional. This time, though, something is different. The 20- something you has grown and become more mature and developed. Your ideas of engaging are changing to showcase a higher standard than you once had. Generic décor and loud music are no longer part of the setting for the conversations you want to have with your potential person, and re watching the Pineapple Express pop culture claim, while reenacting your dorm life’s greatest second- base hits, brings a buzz weaker than your college plug’s “best bomb Kush”. Where do you take your matured views on connection when you need to translate them into the modern dating daze? It’s time to infuse your look on love with the little things and think outside the hotbox, for a full spectrum experience, no matter the time.

The early bud might not be best for all, but the early bird has options. Bringing someone close into your morning ritual, or finding a new weekend low while you’re feeling out connections is a great way to engage, outside of the way you both usually work. This also provides a way to feel out each other’s comforts casually, in every day routines. Wanting to ind a cozy connecting point, away from crowd and conversational censors? Clean up the kitchen, set a fresh cut bouquet on the dining table, and turn to your favourite canna cookbook to whip up your best bud-filled breakfast dish best shared. A little more casual of an encounter needed for the morning? Bring your favourite soluble tincture or coconut oil on your next coffee date and add a little kick to your caffeine, before taking a walk in the surrounding city or nature. If you’re a more active person, make your move more kinesthetic and ind a local drop-in Ganja Yoga class that you can enjoy together. The morning may still be young, so feel free to take the chance to ignite conversation and nurture connections, as you see it, following your morning plans.

Looking for an afternoon of fun that says mellow more than mingle? Get creative and think of ways to make relaxing predinner plans more plant-based. The afternoons can be an off time to plan traditional outings, so this is the perfect time to highlight creativity in your planning. Drawing inspiration from late summer traditions, such as wine vineyards visits, is a great start to spark ideas. Set up your own private “terp tour” for two – sampling low-temp concentrates, searching for flavour profiles in the extractions the same as you would with the best regional Pinot Noir. It will provide a fun and engaging opportunity to converse about the finer notes of cannabis selection while having light conversation about mutual interests that can blossom in many directions. Feel free to step it up by infusing ideas from your morning date plans, and pair strains with appropriate bite-sized treats to their flavours.

Wanting something a little more hands-off, on your part, during your time together? Book a massage for two at your favourite relaxation spot – and call ahead to see if they have policy about using oils and creams not provided by them. Once you’re good to go, pack up your special someone and your favourite infused pain management product for the perfect afternoon pairing for mellow moods and memorable moments. Let your afternoon together be the perfectly stitched siesta you both need, during your busy lives.

Settling down into the night, the city never sleeps with solutions for socialization. Modern cannabis communities are finding many ways to responsibly integrate the plant into your nightlife expectations, so taking advantage of innovative and exclusive events in your city is a great new game plan to feel a little bit of your local High Society, in a way that’s built to impress.

Trichomes and Tapas are continuing to be a trending pairing in small-scale nighttime events, especially in larger 420- friendly metropolitan cities, like Toronto and Vancouver. Many of these events feature coursed meals, or small plate selections, to sample multiple infusions in a tasty form, with more options than the usual “novel” view of high dosed prepacked sweets. Terpene infused mocktails are also a continued favourite at these gatherings, so if you are looking for more ways to put a smoke-free spin on traditional dating engagements, order a Dank and Stormy and cheers to a night you’re guaranteed to remember. Keep an eye out on high-end social accounts, and your community cannabis networks to ind out when and where exclusive cannabis culinary events are happening in your city, for a new highlight for your date night.

It’s always good to utilize new and innovative ways to mingle with others, especially in your romantic life. Finding engaging ideas for romantic connection at any time of day is key to keeping things fun and exciting, as well as getting the chance to explore new sides of others in different lights. Take the opportunity to upgrade your dating language to match where you are in life and infuse your fun and creativity into your looks on love in a reined way.

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