New Freedom, and a New Way to Talk About Marijuana

Article by Ottawa Citizen


As reefer is being repositioned as less harmful, even medicinal, counting among its benefits the disempowering of organized crime and the increase of tax revenue, the re-codifying of the language we use around it is already underway.

BEFORE Marijuana [mar-uh-wah-nuh]

noun Definition: Common, but outdated pejorative term for cannabis. Usage: “When marijuana is smoked, it can have a narcotic effect.”

Dealer [dee-ler]

noun Definition: Street supplier who sells or trades in marijuana. Example: “I’m going to see my dealer to pick up a bag of weed.”

Paraphernalia [par-uh-fer-neyl-yuh]

noun Definition: Equipment or apparatus used with or necessary for smoking dope, ganja, weed, hash or oil. Usage: “The head shop is where I go to get my rolling papers, bongs, roach clips and other paraphernalia.”

Stoned [stohnd]

adjective (slang) Definition: Intoxicated or under the effects of drugs, high. Usage: “After I smoked that doobie, I was really stoned.”

Hot knives [hot] [nahyvz]

adjective/noun (slang) Definition: Knives heated to a high temperature to facilitate burning of hash or oil for inhalation. Usage: “We were doing hot knives and that’s how I burned my lip.”

Pothead, Stoner [pot-hed] [ston-er]

noun (slang) Definition: Frequent marijuana user, someone who likes to get baked. Usage: “That weird guy who lived in my basement was a real pothead.”

AFTER Cannabis [kan-uh-bis]

noun Definition: Flower of the hemp plant. Usage: “This dinner party is BYOC, bring your own cannabis.”

Budtender [bud-tend-er]

noun Definition: A dispensary expert who helps you select the cannabis that best meets your needs. Usage: “Hey, budtender, dabs for everyone, on me.”

Ancillary items [an-sil-uh-ree]

noun Definition: Lifetyle items used in conjunction with cannabis, such as stash boxes, bongs and vape. Usage: “All of our ancillary items are child-resistant.”

Deepened perception [dee-puh nd] [per-sep-shuhn]

Definition: The sensation experienced after vaping or ingesting cannabis edibles or smokeables. Usage: “I was in a state of deepened perception.”

Dab [dab]

Definition: To dab is to inhale the vapours from a cannabis concentrate made using an oil extracted with butane. Usage: “Hot knives are so ’80s. I prefer to dab without a rig.”

Enthusiast [en-thoo-zee-ast]

noun Definition: A cannabis user who embraces a lifestyle of deepened perceptions and knows their indicas from their sativas. Usage: “She really knows her terpenes. She’s a true enthusiast.”

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