Miley Cyrus Chose Weed Over Walmart

Article by Kind Land


Love her or adore her, you have to admit that Miley Cyrus is a brave performer. If the “Wrecking Ball” baller’s artistic risks and challenging acting choices tell the world anything, it is that the former Hannah Montana is unafraid to stand on principle and tell the patriarchal establishment to kiss her pansexual ass—even if that establishment is extending her personal brand and handing her a tidy profit to do so.

Cyrus spoke to Variety, ostensibly promoting her role as a judge and mentor on the current season of The Voice, and veered off topic into the territory of advanced cannabis loyalty.

From Variety:

“I had a clothing line at Walmart and got kicked out, because they said you had to choose weed or Walmart,” Cyrus says. “And you see what I did—I chose weed.”

We do see what you did there, Miley Cyrus, and it’s something the marijuana world will profit from seeing more of.

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