Meet the Weed Models of Instagram

Article by Manisha Krishnan, Vice

Meet the Weed Models of Instagram

Nudes and bong rips, together at last.

Search the hashtag #ganjagirls on Instagram and you’ll get more than a million hits featuring photo after photo of women posing provocatively with weed.

These posts run the full gamut from nude photos (save for a couple of strategically placed marijuana leaves) to videos of bong hits and dabs set to house music. Some of the models are promoting their own businesses and products like glassware or edibles, while others are just straight up getting high—and attempting to look seductive while they’re at it.

Personally, I’ve never really thought of weed as being “sexy.” I know its effects are meant to increase the libido, but in a literal sense, giant bags of marijuana aren’t something I would expect to be included in a boudoir photo shoot. So I reached out to a bunch of Instagram’s “ganja girls” to get a better sense of this strange, potentially erotic world.

Meet the Weed Models of Instagram: Sarah Jain

Sarah Jain

Sarah Jain, 33, San Francisco

VICE: When did you start smoking weed?
Sarah Jain: Oh god, probably out of the womb. My mom said she caught my dad and his friends passing a joint to me several times when I was very, very young. But I actually started smoking myself probably at about 11 years old.

My dad refused to admit he would smoke. So I would go and take three quarters of his sack because you can’t be mad at something—you have to admit that it’s there. So my whole youth was them finding creative ways to punish me. Then later he apologized and we started smoking together.

So how did you get started in weed modelling?
This all started almost 10 years ago. I was married, I was living in shitty ass Texas, there wasn’t even Instagram there was Myspace. I created a very, very cannabis-friendly Myspace portfolio. It also was the time the economy went to shit and I kind of lost my normal job. I started pursuing modeling, I always wanted to do cannabis modeling, but there was no such thing at the time. When I first got started and moved to LA, I got very very lucky. I started doing erotic modeling, I never did full porn, I did a lot of fetish stuff. I would at every single photo shoot bring weed with me. I would make them take photos of me with weed smoking it. And of course it’s California, everybody loved it. Cannabis stuff has come to be about half of my income now.

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