MedRelief Introduces San Rafael ’71

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MedRelief Introduces San Rafael '71

In the summer of this year, Bill C-45 will enable Canadians to legally purchase recreational cannabis for the irst time. The Bill is currently before the Senate, and the Government of Canada has not yet set an exact date for legal cannabis sales; however, Prime Minister Trudeau has indicated it will be in the summer of 2018. MedReleaf TM Corp., Canada’s Licenced Producer of the Year is the irst to reveal a recreational cannabis brand. San Rafael ’71 will be available across Canada on the irst day of legal recreational sales.

Where It All Began

In 1971, ive students at San Rafael High School set out to ind a legendary abandoned cannabis crop. The group, self-identiied as The Waldos, in reference to their hangout spot by a wall, designated a statue of Louis Pasteur on the grounds of the school as their meeting point, and 4:20 pm as their meeting time. The quest to ind the crop became abbreviated to simply 4:20.

While the crop was never found, the spirit of the quest lives on in 4:20, a term that is now an international code for smoking cannabis. April 20th is observed in many places as a day to celebrate marijuana culture and to advocate for the liberalization of cannabis regulations.

San Rafael ’71 pays homage to the vibe of 1970s California with a recreational cannabis product for adults who value authenticity, quality and unpretentious good times.

4:20 Pale Ale Commemorative Beer

As Canadian cannabis enthusiasts wait for legally available products, San Rafael ’71 has teamed up with Amsterdam Brewing Co. to create a limited-edition beer in honour of this watershed moment. Beginning February 12, 4:20 Pale Ale will be available in Ontario through Amsterdam Brewing locations, The Beer Store and approximately 40 bars and clubs. While there is no cannabis in the beer, the lavour proile features peach and pine aromas, giving way to spice and mild bitterness, in a nod to the cannabis experience.

Building (ahem) Buzz In partnership with Toronto agency, Grip Limited, San Rafael ’71 launched a brief light of radio ads on adult stations in key markets. The ad features 26 seconds of laughter, with a URL voice over at the end, directing listeners to the website. The creative evokes the relaxed, uninhibited fun of sharing a joke with friends.

Launch Parties in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver.

On February 22nd, the oficial Launch Party for San Rafael ’71 will be held at The Opera House in Toronto, and will feature tribute bands, Eat A Peach and Mob Barley & The Railers. Other events are planned for Montreal and Vancouver. Through the agerestricted San Rafael ’71 website and innovative digital and traditional creative, the brand will work to generate awareness ahead of market availability in July.

Safe, Consistent, Available Products

San Rafael ’71 is marketed to occasional adult recreational cannabis users, who are seeking a consistent product experience. As Canada’s Top Licensed Producer for 2017, MedReleaf is also North America’s irst and only ICH-GMP and ISO 9001 certiied cannabis producer. The company’s rigorous quality control and large-scale production facilities in Ontario allow consumers to be conident in the safety of the product and a reliably available supply through licensed Canadian retailers.

About the Recreational Cannabis Market in Canada

In a 2016 survey, Deloitte found that 40% of Canadians support the legalization of recreational cannabis, and that 22% of Canadian adults consume it, at least occasionally. A further 17%indicate they would try cannabis if it was legal to do so. The market for recreational cannabis products is valued at between $4.9-billion and $8.7-billion, with an estimated 5.2-million Canadian adults using cannabis on a weekly basis by 2021. With ancillary activities from other parts of the industry, the total annual economic contribution of recreational cannabis is estimated to be about $30-1 Billion. Consumers report a wide range of reasons for using recreational cannabis: the top three are to help with relaxation and sleep; reduce stress and anxiety; and, to have fun with friends.

About MedReleaf Voted Top Licensed Producer at the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards, MedReleaf is an R&Ddriven company dedicated to innovation, operational excellence and the production of top quality cannabis. Sourced from around the world and carefully cultivated in one of two state of the art ICH-GMP and ISO 90001 certiied facilities in Ontario, the Company delivers a variety ofpremium products for the global medical market and is committed to serving the therapeutic needs of its medical patients and providing a compelling product assortment for the adultuserecreational consumer. For more information about recreational brand and product developments adults can visit or follow @sanrafael71 on Twitter.

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