Master Kush Is A ’90s Classic Strain With Staying Power

Article by Matt Mernagh, Lift News

Higher Education Master Kush Is A '90s Classic Strain With Staying Power By Matt Mernagh

The Master Kush strain is a classic of the early ‘90s, a nearly pure indica that was part of the Kush revolution. It won back-to-back Cannabis Cups with its chill effects, hashish-like flavours and earthy aromas. Master Kush played a significant role among Gen X marijuana enthusiasts, earning status in many people’s “head stash” — one’s precious collection of cannabis strains preserved for good friends and special times (and not to be sold). The strain ushered in a new wave of weed whose legacy is still felt today.

The History, origins, genetics of Master Kush

It’s hard to imagine what would have happened if Master Kush hadn’t undergone a re-brand. It was originally named High Rise, after the Amsterdam Biljlmer-area apartments, where it originated from. (Imagine your buddy bragging how they got ‘the Rise’ instead of ‘the Kush’; songs about ‘the kush’ just wouldn’t sound as good if was called ‘the Rise,’ would they?)

Thankfully, Master Kush earned a name that’s a somewhat more accurate description of its genetics, which is a landrace Hindu Kush combined with Skunk #1. It appealed to consumers who found the rough-hewn, earthy Hindu Kush too hard on their lungs and those who were turned off by Skunk #1’s, well, rancid skunky smell.

Master Kush’s mellow effects, toned down smells and smooth, hashy flavours enjoyed a devout following in Amsterdam coffee shops, leading to its stabilization and eventual seed release.

Its reputation was solidified at the sixth (1992) and seventh (1993) annual Cannabis Cups when the Master Kush strain won back-to-back (coincidentally, the same years Toronto Blue Jays won back-to-back World Series!). Demonstrating true staying power, Master Kush won the 2017 High Life cup, but the Jays have yet to win a World Series championship.

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