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Toronto has many excellent cannabis events going on in the city, with the Mastah Concentrate Series (A.K.A. MCSThrowdown or Dab Throwdown) being one of the most competitive around. The series is organized and ran by Mastah Rolla. Mastah Rolla made a name for himself by starting a YouTube channel in 2006, which has grown to over 70,000 subscribers. About 4 years ago, Mashah Rolla decided to try his hand at glass blowing and shortly after started Mastah Glass, as his glass brand name.


Mastah started these sessions as a get together, with concentrates being provided by a single sponsor. After a few events he decided to offer a larger variety of strains, flavours, and concentrates from multiple extract companies. And thus, the event quickly turned into a competition.


The Mastah Rolla Concentrate Series consists of 2 – 5 extract companies coming together to compete against each other for a trophy, prizes and bragging rights. Voting is done by the general public, who vote by putting poker chips into their favourite companies jar. Previously the extract artists would set up their both, and attendants (judges) had three hours to sample the different companies and cast their votes.

For the most recent Dab Throwdown, (Nov. 27, 2016) they decided to change the set up, with the goal of making it more competitive. The event was broken down into three, one-hour sessions. Each hour had two extract companies competing, head-to-head. At the end of each hour, the voting poker chips were counted and a winner was selected. The winners of the first two rounds compete in the third, and final, hour for the bragging rights of being this Dab Throwdown champion.


The first round was Hidden Valley Reserve vs Concentrates by Kind Selection. Hidden Valley Reserve handily won the first round of voting, saving themselves a spot in the final round. The second round paired Canada Concentrates (Instagram) against Beard Brothers Society. This was made to be an exciting round, putting a small detail oriented company (Canada Concentrates) up against an established, large, BC extract company. (Beard Brothers Society) This round was extremely close, and once all the chips were counted, Canada Concentrates won by 1 poker chip.

The final round consisted of Hidden Valley Reserve vs Cannabis Concentrates. It was a battle of professional, high quality, shatter (Hidden Valley Reserve) against THC Distillate that had terpenes added to represent different cannabis profiles. (Cannada Concentrates) In the end, Hidden Valley Reserve was the winner of the Dab Throwdown.


Along with the dab competition, there were also products for sale from glass artists, (Mastah Glass instagram & Orange Glow Glass Co. instagram) an edible manufacture, (Sofa King Good Bakery) and a compassion club owner. (Biggy Bigg Bud Compassion) Along with these vendors, there were multiple cannabis company owners in attendance. The Dab Throwdown is a great networking opportunity whether you are looking for advise on getting your medical prescription or looking for a new concentrate to infuse your edibles with.


Having the competition broken into three, hour-long segments helped make the event more social. At the beginning of each hour, judges would lineup to sample the different extracts. This provided a great opportunity to talk to the people waiting in line with you. I had a great time and met some amazing people!


At the start of the third hour, people were still egger to sample more concentrates. Everyone was feeling medicated, but not overpowered, which is a testament to how well the event is run. The Mastah Concentrate Series is for new and veteran extract consumers, with the companies being warned not to over dab anyone.

The Mastah Concentrate Series is a very well organized and ran event! I enjoyed myself and had an awesome time meeting new and old friends. I can’t wait to attend the next Dab Throwdown in Toronto!

Stay posted to MastahGlass on Instagram for the next Dab Throwdown coming your way.

Written by Toronto Toker for

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