Marijuana in the Mix: The Effect of Pairing Foods With Cannabis

Article by Jessica Smith, Cannabis Life Network


As the market for cannabis heats up around the world, from the superfood appeal of hemp seeds to the newfound popularity of cannabidiol (CBD oil), it’s no surprise that people are looking for new ways to pump up the power of the plant. While there’s a lot of potential on the horizon for medical marijuana and its considered health benefits, many people aren’t aware that the nutritional quotient of the green stuff can be improved with a few choice foods.

Whether you’re new to the market and are testing out marijuana seeds or are wondering how some of your favourite foods will interact with the powerful green substance, it’s a pretty multi-faceted plant with a lot of potential!

From coconut oil to chocolate to your favorite glass of wine, here are some of the ways that cannabis will work with some common staples in your kitchen.


Wine contains polyphenol, which is a substance that can stimulate the brain in much the same way that the psychoactive ingredients present in marijuana which is the endocannabinoids do. Given the fact that both wine and cannabis have the ability to lower inhibitions and work to relax the user, it should come as no surprise that both can work in tandem with each other!

According to Scott Lukas, a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Harvard Medical School, cannabis “causes your blood alcohol levels to actually be lower than…if you had just consumed alcohol by itself.” But, if you start out with a drink and then ingest cannabis, you’ll have the opposite experience.

Since alcohol content in wine opens up the blood levels and helps THC to be absorbed, you’ll experience a more intense high than you would with cannabis alone plus this ultimate combination helps with memory loss and ageing.

Coconut Oil

Most of us are aware of healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, and avocados, but coconut oil has become a prominent fixture on the health scene recently for its myriad body benefits. Fortunately, whether you decide to cook with coconut oil and cannabis or stir up your own combination, you unleash even more of the benefits of both when you heat them together!

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