Marijuana and the Pain in the Neck

Article by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, Toronto Sun

Marijuana and the pain in the neck Dr. W. Gifford-Jones (Getty Images)

Is marijuana as good as its reputation for treating painful conditions? Many years ago I suffered a neck injury in Japan which resulted in chronic pain. So I decided to try medical marijuana as painkillers, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, and massage have had no effect.

So what has happened?

During my first visit to the marijuana clinic I was surprised when asked to provide a urine specimen to prove I was not taking illegal drugs. I’m 94, a doctor, have lots of gray hair, walk with a cane, and was tired after fighting Toronto traffic. So I asked the receptionist, “Do I really look like an addict?” This tact didn’t work. I did as I was told. But what a waste of taxpayer’s money because some people are dishonest! It’s costing millions.

I advised the doctor I was not interested in THC type marijuana that produces an emotional high. I just wanted pain relief from the CBD type. Nor did I want to smoke marijuana. So I was started on a marijuana oral oil to be taken twice a day. The result? Nothing. I may as well have been drinking water.

I was told not to worry. Patients, the doctor said, are always started on a low dose. This is a sensible precaution. So for several weeks I used a larger dose, thinking that my marijuana receptors would finally react. But in the end, a rum and diet coke before dinner brought the usual slight relief from pain. After all, better some relief than no relief.

Again, I was told not worry. My doctor advised that in some patients it was necessary to add a small amount of THC to the CBD to obtain relief of pain. I admit I did not like the idea, but when you’re in pain even snake oil is acceptable. So now what happened? Not even one percent relief. I decided on my own to increase the dose. Again, no effect. On informing the doctor what I’d done I learned I was one of those cases in which marijuana would not work. So this time I decided on a glass of chardonnay with dinner. It helped!

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