A Little Mom Time With Michelle Reis-Cerqueira

Article by Michelle Reis-Cerqueira, High Canada

A Little MOM TIME with Michelle Reis-Cerqueira GrowWise Health

My daughter goes to a Catholic school and she finds herself having to hold her tongue to avoid being caught in the stigma or even disciplined for knowing the medical uses of cannabis. When I began my cannabis treatment I explained to her exactly what it was I was doing. At irst she didn’t understand, she thought marijuana had to be smoked and she thought all marijuana made you intoxicated. She now understands both the medicinal and recreational side of things, which makes it difficult when the education system still hasn’t caught up with legal realities.

I continue to use the non-psychoactive CBD on a regular basis and she knows the significant impact it has on my daily life. I don’t or conceal my oil use or vaporizing, but I also choose a more private time to medicate as anyone would. I try to explain to my children that cannabis was originally used for medicinal purposes. My youngest is going through a lot of growing pains and even I, who work in the Medicinal Cannabis Industry am weary to seek out CBD based medicine because of the stigma that surrounds it. Even though they are really young right now, in their minds cannabis is a medicine.

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