Lit and Fit

Article by Ashley Abraham, Cannabis Life Network


Just say YES! To the Lit and Fit Lifestyle

So, everybody says stoners are lazy…. right?


I want to introduce you to the #litandfit lifestyle movement…

WARNING: the gains are contagious!

Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to get off my butt and start breaking the stereotype of lazy stoner. I am not going to lie.. Making the change from couch potato to squat master hasn’t all been a walk in the park… But it has been a ton of fun!

I want to share some key factors that have contributed to my commitment to the lit and fit lifestyle.

Cannabis, my crew (aka support network), and the GAINS!

I wasn’t always a couch potato. It truly is a learned art, and after years of a sedentary lifestyle I had it perfected. It took approaching my 30th birthday, gaining 40lbs and a good friend to snap me out of the #couchlife. I have to thank for my bestie Julia for introducing me to ganja gym sessions. I discovered that although I greatly dislike exercising, I love exercising after puffing a doobie. AND the more cannabis I have had, the more I love whatever physical activity I am doing. Which brings me to my next point.

Going to the gym is better with a friend… right?


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