Lily Tomlin Once Ran A Cannabis Dispensary In Her Jimmy Kimmel Show Dressing Room

Article by James McClure, Civilized


Comedian Lily Tomlin – who turns 77 today – rarely takes a break from work, even when she’s killing time before interviews. Jimmy Kimmel found out about Tomlin’s workaholism the hard way when he discovered she had set up a medical marijuana dispensary in her dressing room at the Hollywood studio shooting his live talkshow.

The bit began with Kimmel entering the stage without the usual musical accompaniment to start his show. When his producer tells him the band is hanging out in Lily Tomlin’s dressing room, Kimmel soon finds her bud-tending at a pop-up pot shop backstage.

“I’m selling weed,” the comedian said while offering strains called “Dank Sinatra” and “Weedrow Wilson” to his camera crew and stagehands, as well as the band. When Kimmel ordered her to shut down the operation, Tomlin got his staff and the studio audience to chant “Jimmy sucks.”

The sketch was actually staged to promote her show Grace and Frankie (2015-present), in which Tomlin plays a hippie art teacher who likes to have a puff now and then – to the dismay of her straight-laced friend played by Jane Fonda.

In real life, Tomlin says she rarely touches cannabis. Rarely, but certainly not never. In a recent interview, Tomlin revealed that she’s smoked cannabis in the past but doesn’t use it often because her sober state of mind is the equivalent of being high.

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