Life Layered at Lift Expo

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Life Layered at Lift Expo

Cannabis conference time is in full swing. Our team has been popping up all over the country meeting new contacts and making friends. I thought some tips would be useful on how to handle all the new faces at networking events.

Say High!

All the people in the room, even if they know everyone, came to meet new people. You are literally in a room with people who want to meet you. Be friendly, let your personality shine.

Learn a few hand shakes and how to roll.

I’m a 5’5 / 130 lady. I have a irm hand shake and I’m going to look you deep in your eyes. I will repeat your name in my head 3 times and I will probably remember it. Be conifdent. I have an opening hand shake and a closer, make an impression. Impress your new friends with your joint rolling skills.

Dress for green business, look after you and your feet.

Step it up, clean up nice and show who you are. No need for stuffy suits and plain business professional. Inject yourself into your presentation. You will be standing so not the time for new loafers or heels. Edibles and CBD caps can help you stay light on your feet.

Networking is work, be fed, hydrated and medicated.

Networking is literally one long ass conversation after the next. These conversations are critical to what you do and where you are headed in life. Make sure you have lots of energy, take hydrate breaks and don’t forget you can move the conversation to the medicating area, some of the best deals are made over a joint.

Follow up sesh.

Dog ear the important cards, carry a pen and make notes, put that contact in your phone. Make sure you follow up with the urgent and important. The opportunities being presented to you will not always be there tomorrow. Time is of the essence in the next year. Make some follow up sesh plans at a local vape shop and make that cannabiz work for you.

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