Leaders In Canada’s Cannabis Industry Say It’s A Great Time For Women To Secure Jobs

Article by Michelle Butterfield, Huffington Post

Leaders In Canada's Cannabis Industry Say It's A Great Time For Women To Secure Jobs These leaders in the industry think it's a great time to be a gal in ganga. By Michelle Butterfield Meet women set on shattering the grass ceiling of Canada's cannabis industry: (From left to right) Gill Polard, Bridget Hoffer, Pamela Hadfield, and Caroline Lavoie.

With marijuana now legal in Canada, many people are making their way into the cannabis industry, bringing their skills and training into the budding sector.

And while black market weed has typically been a male-dominated industry, female leaders in legal cannabis say there’s no better time for women to get a foothold than now.

Unlike technology, finance, and science — sectors often dominated by men, especially in high-ranking positions — cannabis offers an environment that’s very open to women and female perspectives. HuffPost Canada spoke to several female leaders in Canada’s cannabis industry, to find out how women are being embraced and if opportunities exist to break “the grass ceiling.”

The communicator

Who: Bridget Hoffer

Position: Co-founder of Marigold Marketing & PR and Cannabis Communications in Ontario.

Experience: “To be honest, cannabis kind of found me,” she jokes. Two years ago her PR company started to take on more cannabis clients. Recently, she’s served as moderator for a Women In Cannabis panel at HempFest in Calgary. Previously, Hoffer was the executive director of CBC communications, marketing, and brand for all CBC English Services.

What excites her about Canada’s cannabis industry: Because the legal cannabis industry is quite new, Hoffer said opportunities are booming.

“Every day there’s a new change, a new direction, more industries developing within cannabis. As destigmatization continues, there will be more focus on health, research, production, and economic benefits. And with all these changes comes opportunity for women to lend their voice, their perspectives, and their personal and professional experience.”

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