Kushbury – Peace Naturals Project Tiamo Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Ah… Tiamo!  I am kind of on the fence about Tiamo and the video will show you why.  Tiamo comes from Peace Naturals Project who are, in my opinion, one of a handful of Licensed Producers that are doing it right; a knowledgable staff & grow team, a natural approach to pest control as well as using many of the same grow & extraction techniques that the subculture has been practicing for decades.  Every strain I’ve ever purchased from Peace has been what I consider premium bud.  And then there’s Tiamo.

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think Tiamo is inherently bad.  In fact, I found the effects of this bud to be quite nice and since we are all here for medicine, that should be the end of it.  That said, I do believe the container I received to be a bit of the dried out dregs.  Again, those dregs did serve their purpose in minimizing symptoms, helping me with anxiety and with sleep but the buds were small, overly dry and was void of any discernible odour. Flavour however was quite good and zesty.  From an aesthetics point of view, this was a let down.

Since I have had soooo many other AMAZING experiences with Peace and really, this has been my one disappointment out of ten strains from them so far, I will totally revisit this on the next harvest!  The one thing we as consumers need to keep in mind is that Cannabis is an agricultural commodity, not every bud or plant is going to come out cookie cutter perfect even if the conditions were all bang on.  What’s important are the things like THC to CBD quantities, terpine profiles and medicinal value… all of which were present in acceptable values here…. it just wasn’t pretty.

For more information on Tiamo check out Peace Naturals page here – www.peacenaturals.com

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