Kushbury – Peace Naturals Project Raphael Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Got a new favorite here in Raphael, an indica dominant strain from The Peace Naturals Project. This is a very kushy strain that arrived in the form of perfectly dried, dense little nugs. This is my fourth product from Peace and I really do like the look and the feel of the buds I’ve received from them. I first assumed that Peace Naturals machine manicured their products based on how perfect and uniform it looks but after doing some research ( http://www.visualcapitalist.com/wp-co… ) I discovered that Peace does in fact hand trim. Very impressive!!

This batch of Raphael provided dense buds, musty scent and a lot of trichomes and red hairs. I detected a bit of an ammonia smell but I suspect that is an attribute of the strain rather than the result of improper curing as there wasn’t any burning to the flavour and as mentioned before, the buds looked immaculate.

Peace Naturals is another LP doing it right! I really like how they are taking a holistic approach to medicating as well by including healthy food products (not infused, but they show you how) to their product line. Treating oneself is often so much more than taking / doing just one thing. My only criticism of Peace at this point would be they do not have a free shipping threshold. Many LP’s will absorb the shipping costs for orders over a certain size… this cannabis, however is worth it.

For more information on Raphael please visit the Peace Naturals website here – www.peacenaturals.com

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