Kushbury – Focus-Vape Tourist Vaporizer Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

The Tourist is the latest offering from Focus-Vape and I am becoming a big fan of this company!  All of their vaporizers are made with high quality parts and I like that they have certain accessories that are standard across the board so replacement parts become super easy to find if / when needed.

When you think two-in-one vaporizer, The Tourist is not what you’d typically picture.  Where most two in ones start with a dry herb vaporizer and add a $2 oil canister and call it an oil vape, the Tourist starts as a portable e-nail and uses a very robust dry herb attachment and an impressive modular design to take the task.  As a stand alone for either concentrates or dry herbs, The Tourist would rock, but as a combo it’s out of this world!

The only possible con is that this is a fairly sizeable vape coming in a little bit bigger than the Focus-Vape Pro but with that extra size comes a little extra performance as I found the draw from The Tourist to be mush superior!

For more information on The Tourist vaporizer check out the Focus-Vape website here – www.focus-vape.com

Watch original video here.

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