Kushbury – Broken Coast Cannabis Jack Herer Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Got me some of the very well known Jack Herer strain from Broken Coast Cannabis. This variation of Jack was grown by an outside producer but since it carries the Broken Coast name that’ll be the standard I hold it to! So… did it live up to the BC name?

YES!! This version of Jack is FANTASTIC and meets many of the high quality hallmarks I’ve come to expect from Broken Coast! The drying and curing look to be spot on and the flavour and effects are exactly what they should be! If I were Broken Coast I’d see about getting this “Outside Producer” on staff… really good stuff!!

While this strain was absolutely covered with trichomes it appeared many of those had started to move into the rust coloured realm which is great for me since I find a little CBN tends to take the sativa rush away. All good!

For more information on Jack Herer please visit Broken Coast’s website here – www.brokencoast.ca

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