Kushbury – Broken Coast Cannabis Ice Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Well hello there fellow enthusiasts! I got my hands on a new offering from Broken Coast called Ice. Not much is known about this strain other than it is seriously sativa and it hits like a heavyweight!

I usually do not medicate with sativa strains as I find they can negatively effect my anxiety but I do like to experiment with new strains so I thought I’d give Ice a try (note – when I find sativas that do not agree with me I find I can mitigate the negative response by cutting with an indica or some cbd…. try it!!). Ice is very similar to other Broken Coast products in that the bud formation is top notch and it has been dried and cured to perfection. The buds themselves while dry to the touch and as dense as many indicas, retained enough moisture that the buds did not crumble when handled. Smell wise we got some spice going on over here…. nothing crazy but you’ll never mistake Ice for Watermelon or Juicy Fruit in a dark room. The one thing that suprized me was that this did not produce a ton vapor, at 25.5% you’d think this bud would make any room look like an 80’s rock concert when vaped… clouds or not this still was some very strong medical marijuana!!

For more information on Ice please visit Broken Coast’s website here – www.brokencoast.ca

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