Kushbury – Aurora Cannabis Elias (Strawberry Cough) Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

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Sorry for the delay in getting out videos, I am in the last leg of a move that has been draaaaaging on!  But the good news is that as of May 1st we will be all settled and back to our regular schedule!  Wooo!

Today we are looking at Elias or Strawberry Cough from Aurora Cannabis.  This is a sativa strain  that I actually quite enjoy (some salivas can trigger anxiety in me) and it will be the first time I am trying Aurora’s version of it.  Appearance wise, Elias was spot on… nice emerald green, great “tree structure” of the bud, nice and pointy and a good dusting of trichomes.  Once we get past the looks I found this particular batch to be a little dry and had a muted personality in the smell and flavour department.  Reduced smell and flavour typically go hand in hand with dry bud.

When it comes to the bud being dry, Aurora is working on it or at least aware of it as they send out their product with Bovida humidity packs (awesome!) but my feeling is it’s the packaging that’s letting everyone down.  The small, squat containers don’t provide a good seal and are pretty large so there’s always a lot of air with the product.  That said, the cannabis inside is almost always on point so there’s the give and take.

Although I liked this strain I didn’t love it due to the dryness and lack of flavour but effects wise it hit the target!

Want to know more about Elias or Aurora Cannabis?  Check out their website here – www.auroramj.com

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