Kushbury – Aurora Cannabis Ambition (Blue Dream) Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Hi Folks! Back again with another strain review! I shot this review in the middle of November and I’ve noticed some interesting stuff in the MMPR / ACMPR world since that I don’t get into in the video but I’ll talk about here.

Before we get into that however, let’s talk about the cannabis! Ambition, or Blue Dream how most people know it is a very popular sativa based hybrid. There is just enough indica influence to keep anxiety / rushiness at bay. The vapor was smooth and flavourful and did not irritate going down… all very good!

Yep, that was the VapeXhale Cloud Evo in the review…. see my full review here – http://www.kushbury.com/reviews-1/201…

I’ve heaped praise on Aurora Cannabis in the past for their amazing Compassionate Pricing program (all grams $5 if you qualify), free shipping and wide variety. While two of those three elements remain intact, the third… wide variety as suffered greatly in November and December. In prior months it was common place to go onto Aurora’s site and find 5, 10 even 12 available strains… all with varied potencies, varieties and a full spectrum of CBD, THC, Indica, Sativa and Hybrid…. Once I became a patient of Aurora I often recommended them particularly for their wide variety.

More recently however, (Nov / Dec 2016) Aurora has only kept 2 – 3 strains available on average, both with THC limits below 10%. There have been days were they will sneak either a Blue Dream or LA Confidential on there but unless you are lucky enough to be online when they do you’ll miss it as they sell out of anything with any potency in about six hours. If it wasn’t for my doctor splitting my prescription between LP’s I would have spent much of December either without medicine or supporting the black market. Maybe this isn’t so much a problem with Aurora but with the system as a whole… if you’re LP is out, you’re out of luck. This is where a regulated storefront or one card / all LP access would really flourish.

Other LP’s have also had a dry December; Mettrum has had less than three strains available most of the month and as of December 29th they had zero dry flower available for sale. While I am aware Mettrum did suffer a product recall, their solution to give a 20% off voucher to patients with a limited menu falls a short. Tweed, who is one of the big players in the business, has also had a very limited selection consisting of mainly low THC and blends in December.

If I’m playing conspiracy theorist (mwa-ha-ha!) I wouldn’t be surprised to find out these three companies are stockpiling for the recreational market in 2017. As of right now, they have a finite number of people they can sell to (medical patients) and as patients we all know how rocky the first 18th months of the MMPR were in terms of supply. In the report that was released by the legalization task force this month there was questions raised about being able to supply a national recreational market…. a few days later pot becomes harder and harder to find from the LP’s, it’s frustrating. And Chemtrails and Pizza Gate.

I’m joking of course, about the conspiracy, not the frustration. Maybe I need to lay off the sativa….. I dunno. But what I do know is that what’s happening now is not working for patients. Anyhow, enjoy the video, it’s good clean fun!

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