Kushbury – Aphria Muskoka (Chemdawg) Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Kushbury.com

Muskoka has been one of those few strains that Aphria always seemed out of when it was my time to order but finally it was in stock when I was out of stock! Muskoka is better known as Chemdawg and while I’ve never had Aphria’s version before I am very familiar with it from other LP’s. When I think of Chemdawg I typically think of a bright green, dense bud with dark highlights, a sprinkling of red hairs and a sharp scent. This was, unfortunately, anything but that. What I received was small loose bids that were dry to the point of turning to powder. The smell was almost non existent (due to the dryness I assume) and the airiness of the bud may be an indicator of an early harvest.

I do want to point out that I have had a very good track record with Aphria and I have, up until now, been very impressed with their product…. this however fell short. Not a total loss, as I indicated in the video this would be a great starter strain for someone due to its mild effects and easy draw or even as a cooking strain (13% is still 13%!)! I will be waiting for the next harvest of Muskoka and will revisit it for an update. Stay tuned!!

For more information on Muskoka please visit Aphria’s website here: www.aphria.com

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