What Are the Key Differences Between Marijuana and Hemp

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What Are the Key Differences Between Marijuana and Hemp

There’s a vast amount of information out there regarding the differences between marijuana and hemp. It’s confusing and overwhelming sifting through all the information, and determining what’s legitimate and what’s not can leave you jaded. It’s our hope this blog will help you get closer to the truth behind marijuana and hemp; it’s a distinction many are looking for whether they know it or not. We’ll break it down to some of the basic key elements without getting into the political debate or getting too technical.


Although they both come from the cannabis sativa plant, the difference is quite simple: it comes down to what the plant is bred for. Certain cannabis strands are bred to contribute different things to society, similar to how certain types of automobiles are used for specific purposes. Some states have the legal definition based on higher levels of the non-psychotropic cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) and the notoriously potent ∆-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

If you’re are looking to get high, then you should stick with marijuana. Marijuana has a higher level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short), which has higher levels of cannabinoids that produce psychoactive results. Some of the most common known effects are creating a sense of euphoria, red eyes, and quite an appetite.

Hemp, on the other hand, is specifically grown for the oil, seeds, and fiber. Typically, these byproducts are then refined into hemp oil, wax, topical ointments, cloth, paper, military grade fiber, rope, fuel, and much more. Noticing a pattern here? Things that are derived from hemp have a variety of purposes that don’t involve getting impaired or inebriated. Industrial hemp is able to be cultivated in states thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill. Finally, industrial hemp is starting to rejoin the agricultural scenery in America.


It’s important for people to understand the benefits of hemp because there’s dense confusion out in the community and the media. There are certain types of hemp-based products that are helpful and beneficial to a variety of people; one of these products is called cannabidiol (CBD).

There has been quite the buzz around CBD in the media lately as a result of all the amazing stories about how it helped people in their personal lives or those they love. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid with soothing properties. In fact, you can get many of the same beneficial effects of medical marijuana from industrial hemp products without getting “high.”

Industrial hemp products are completely safe; they’re made according to set federal standards. These products are also produced in FDA registered facilities here in the United States. As a chemical substance, CBD has strong antioxidant properties. It seems like the scientific community is constantly coming out with new research revealing how this plant is beneficial to the human body. It’s a constant reminder – no matter how much we think we know – there will always be more to discover.

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