Justice or Just Us? Know Your Cannabis Rights

Article by Dennis Boisvert, Twelve High Chicks

Justice or Just Us? Know Your Cannabis Rights. Dennis Boisvert of POW420

This is going to be an explanation of how the US Justice System works from pull-over to deal/sentencing as seen by an advocate.

First of all you need to know your rights and how they are applied. Understand that any police officer you communicate with may not necessarily respect your rights, and may be willing to lie in court because they believe you’re “evil.” From first contact that should be in the back of your mind.

Flashing Lights

As soon as you see lights go on behind you, you still have your rights as a citizen. Remember that cannabis prohibition is in fact tyranny, and you have to protect yourself from this tyranny.

When you pull over, don’t roll the window down in the car more than four inches — just enough so you can speak to the police officer and pass licence and registration through the window. This establishes two things: you’re not going to have a police officer reaching inside the car and they’re going to know that you understand that you have some civil rights.

Accept that there’s a few things you need to say to a police officer when they walk up to the car. The typical question they ask is “do you know how fast you were going?” You don’t have to volunteer any information; the reply should be “no” or the posted speed limit. Remember to be pleasant but firm.

If they ask to search the car, say no. If the encounter involves an arrest, your attorney will ask the court to establish whether the search was legal. Police have to have some sort of reasonable grounds or probable cause to search without permission. But if you give permission to search, then no matter what happens it was legal.

Ideally you will have a smartphone recording and/or broadcasting the incident, ready to upload to an app like ACLU-CA’s Mobile Justice CA or a third-party storage site. That gives you, regardless of what next happens to your cell phone, access to your recorded evidence of the incident.

In Custody

Eventually, you are either on your way or taken into custody. Remember two tools of the police to control you are intimidation and coercion. Do not say another word to the police. Even if they remind you of your best friend’s father, no matter what, just ask to speak to a lawyer. Depending on your zip (or postal) code this can be more or less intimidating and difficult.

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