Jack Herer Marijuana Strain was Named After a Legendary Man You May Know Nothing About

Article by Rob Beal, CannaSOS

Jack Herer Marijuana Strain was Named After a Legendary Man you Know Nothing About

Freedom is never given to the people, they often have to fight for it. Your freedom to buy and smoke marijuana openly was also earned by the men and women who thought. They fought for legalization because it was (and is) important and dedicated their lives to fighting for it.

His name was Jack Herer, and one day, he realized that it’s unfair to forbid people to smoke cannabis.

“He was a former military policeman who tried his first joint when he was 30 (didn’t try it earlier because he thought it was “something like heroine”).”

The first joint divided Jack’s life into two periods: before weed and after it. Jack decided to fight for what he believed was right: marijuana legalization in California. He dedicated years to researching the conspiracy which led to making cannabis a Schedule 1 Drug. He transformed his research into one of the greatest books about marijuana.

His landmark (non-fiction), “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” was ground-breaking when it was first published in 1985. This book has become the basis for legal marijuana advocacy: it turned out that the majority of people – didn’t even know the difference between cannabis and hemp. Cannabis enthusiasts and pot advocates received the chance to trace the history of weed in America. In his book, as well as in his life, Jack liked to surprise people by asking them provocative questions:

“Did you know that Benjamin Franklin started one of America’s first paper mills with cannabis?”

Jack Herer Marijuana Strain was Named After a Legendary Man you Know Nothing About

Keith Stroup (on the photo), the public attorney who founded the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) nearly 50 years ago, knew Jack in person. He said that Jack was “never afraid of public persecution and it helped the cannabis movement” come out of the closet.  He was the first man who studied cannabis (back in the 1970’s when there was no Internet…jeeeez, that must have been hard to do!) and made a decision to speak publicly about the benefits of marijuana.

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