Inside The Pinterest-Perfect World of Upscale Cannabis Weddings

Article by Crissy Van Meter, The Kind


While we are a nation of divorce, elective singledom, or lifelong partnerships without the tax break or a diamond ring, plenty of people are still marching down the aisle to declare their eternal love. And there are a few benefits to the legal piece of paper, like a tax break (although not that wonderful anyway), and some legal privileges like plucking the life support tubes from your loved one. So, while the pace and percentages are slowing down on people getting married, there’s still a scary number that says half of America is living in some state of matrimony. Meaning, people are still having weddings, despite cultural, legal, political, and *ahem” probability-of-divorce stats.

It should be no surprise that weddings are expensive. Throwing a party for 100 people, tacked on with that hefty “wedding tax” (tell a caterer you need to feed 100 people for a graduation and the cost seems to drop a lot), is no easy feat. Still, ladies and gents all around the country aren’t just buying into the old-folks tale of the most important part of any marriage being the happily ever after. Today’s matrimonial couples are literally spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to celebrate their nuptials. Wedding costs are at an all-time high. Just last year, in 2015, the average cost was about $30,000 for a moderate shebang.

One shift in wedding planning maybe accounts for the absurd piles of money lovers pay for weddings: Research shows that couples are aiming to make these events highly personalized, unlike their parent’s and grandparent’s weddings of yesteryear. Today’s bride and groom are not down with formulaic, cookie-cutter weddings. They want—demand!—all the (expensive) personal touches and special effects that prove they are fucking serious about getting married. And it’s going to fucking last forever!

Whatever the motivation for nuptial uniqueness—hey maybe it’s just the nature of the millennials up to bat now—there’s a push for cannabis-themed weddings. Oh, and a lot of doughnut wedding cakes.

If you stroll through Pinterest, like any bride nowadays, there are boards and accounts dedicated to the most sophisticated of weed weddings. More and more couples, especially the ones around the Denver area where weed weddings are legal, are dedicating their wedding decor, flowers, food, party favors, and theme to their love for pot. And in the Colorado case, legal pot, that can be thoroughly enjoyed on the dance floor.

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