Illinois Mom of 4 Overcomes Enormous Health Challenges With Medical Cannabis Use

Article by Leslie Kahn, Chicago Now


I have taken a little detour from my usual subject of medical cannabis to comment on the meteoric rise of Donald John Trump.  It has left me terrified and saddened at the state of our nation. It looks like he is on his way out after a horrendous week of meltdowns.

It is time for me to get back to “my regularly scheduled programming,” namely writing medical cannabis success stories. Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to MaryJane Piper. She is my new hero. This woman has overcome the most incredible emotional and health related challenges and she is still fighting to be a contributing member of society. Talk about self-preservation and the will to live. She is a mom to 4 children, 1 of which has cerebral palsy. That’s what great moms do. They fight to stay alive for their children’s sakes!

I spoke to MaryJane a few days ago. Not only does she have more health problems than anyone deserves, but she has identity problems. What I mean by that is that she has 2 social security cards, but she is a woman without an identity, if you can imagine that. It’s a long, convoluted and ridiculous situation, so I am going to move along with her medical cannabis story.

MaryJane has had gastric problems since she was a teenager. I don’t know about you, but those with chronic gastric problems will concur that it’s about as miserable as it can get. She discovered that cannabis really helped control her gastric distress. We are talking 40 years ago. When some of her extended family members discovered her secret, instead of supporting her, she was shunned by them.

She had multiple surgeries for a myriad of gastric and musculoskeletal disorders. She was prescribed dozens of pharmaceutical drugs to control her pain and gastric distress as well as for her depression and PTSD. The drugs “fogged her mind” for 3 years. She was barely able to function, herself, let alone look after her children. Thankfully, she had a boyfriend at the time who adored her kids and he cared for them.

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