If I Trade In My Booze For Cannabis, Will I Lose Weight?

Article by Rosemary Counter, Macleans.ca via City News

If I trade in my booze for pot, will I lose weight? BY ROSEMARY COUNTER, MACLEANS.CA

Why isn’t the Weed Diet all the rage?

Theoretically, it works: Sub out a nightly 6oz glass of red wine to save 140-ish calories a day (that’s 980 calories a week and almost 4,000 calories in a month—more than enough to lose a pound). But there are many reasons that pot, though calorie-free, probably won’t whittle your waistline.

Most immediately, explains Vancouver-based nutritionist Kendra Perry, “marijuana will activate your endocannabinoid system, which regulates many processes in your brain including mood, memory, pain-sensations and” — you knew this was coming — “appetite.”

“This makes you hungry, so you get the munchies, and you’ll probably replace all that booze with bad food very fast,” she warns. Yes, the munchies are real. Studies in mice have shown that THC significantly increases their ability to smell food, which in turn makes them eat more. So those Doritos are extra irresistible simply because you can smell and taste them better.

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