Eating cannabis ain’t like toking it. Given how many people have had bad experiences with brownies of unknown potency, which sometimes even cause unnecessary emergency room visits, legal edible makers face an uphill battle in winning recreational customers.

Much of the negativity stems from consumers ignoring the serving-size instructions clearly printed on the packaging. It’s obvious the public can’t be trusted to regulate itself, forcing nanny-state-like serving-size and package-potency restrictions—in Oregon, recreational products will be limited to 15 milligrams of THC. Fortunately, this has forced craft producers to up their game in creating delectable options worthy of snacking on.

While 10 milligrams is enough for newbies, medical edibles are a different world, of course. Patients and longtime stoners may require hundreds of milligrams of cannabinoids per dose—meaning taste is often less of an issue than potency. Some, like me, can pound these lightweight candies like they’re, uh, candy.