How To Wreck Your Home With Cannabis Plants

Article by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network


Four cannabis plants can wreck your home, says a Canadian realtors group.

Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t.

One thing is for sure, and you can confirm this with any mother, 4 kids and two dogs will definitely wreck your home.

Of course, give it time, the dogs will pass away and the kids will grow up and move out. Then, after a few repairs and renovations, the house is like brand new. Ready for destruction by grandchildren.

I don’t see Michael Bourque, head of the Canadian Real Estate Association, calling for the banning of children or capping out the number of pets per household.

But why not? He testified to the Senate Committee on Legalization that cannabis plants promote the spread of mould and fungus throughout the ventilation system.

He thinks the state should suspend the home-growing aspect of legalization until the provinces can pass “tougher” housing regulations.

“We question if personal cultivation is even necessary,” Bourque told the Senate.

Well, I question whether a Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is necessary.

Since just about everyone can become a real estate agent these days, it helps to have a private association of professionals certified with the REALTOR® symbol. 

This is exactly the kind of self-regulation the economy needs. Anyone is free to use any real estate agent they want (even do the job themselves) but through the CREA, individuals are (at least in theory) guaranteed quality work.

Of course, under the CREA’s watch, the central bank has cut interest rates without substantial savings as backing to justify this manually lowering of, perhaps, the most important price in the economy.

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