How to Inhale From Your Vaporizer

Article by Alex Bronson, Lift News

How to inhale from your vaporizer The vaporizer inhale can be tricky for beginners. Here’s how to get smooth sips, every time

So you’ve got a vaporizer. Wonderful! Congratulations! Now what? First of all, good on your for picking one up. They’re healthier and easier to use on-the-go than most other methods of smoking. While there are many different types of vaporizers out there (you can read all about choosing the right one here), the same general tips apply on how to use them.

It may look simple, but vaping properly requires a little more practice and research than you might think. Here’s what you need to know before you press that little button and vape for the first time.

First, the inhale

We know what you’re thinking: “Wait, don’t you just inhale and exhale a vaporizer like you do with regular air? Surely you’re not about to tell us how to breathe!” The truth is, no, it’s not just like breathing. The term we use for inhaling a vaporizer is “sipping”, and you’ll see why.

Many people who have smoked cigarettes or marijuana in the past may be surprised at how different vaping feels. Normally, smokers will execute a quick, sharp pull on the cigarette or joint to take the smoke straight into their lungs (a lung inhale); or, they’ll first draw it into their mouths and then take a second pull of air to take it into the lungs (mouth to lung inhale); or there is another option to simply let the smoke sit in the mouth (mouth hit). This last option is how you’re meant to smoke cigars, with the nicotine being taken into the body through the cells in the mouth and throat.

Many cannabis enthusiasts who have transitioned from smoking to vaping talk about a learning curve: some people say holding the smoke in your lungs a bit longer is needed to match the effects of smoking. Others caution it can be easy to overdo it when you’re still learning how much product to put in your vape’s chamber. Individual experiences and tolerance vary, so as always, follow the cannabis mantra—start low and go slow.

Take time to vape

When using a vaporizer, the best tip we can give you is to slow down, and sip. You know how it feels when you step into a steam room and take a big breath? That’s how this can feel. You still have the same three options: straight into the lungs, into the mouth and then into the lungs, or just into the mouth and throat. We suggest starting with the third option and moving on to the other methods as you become more comfortable with your device.

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