How Is Delic Creating A Legal Psychedelic Ecosystem

Article by Travis Cesarone, Cannabis Life Network


In 2019, a new kind of wellness business sprouted – a legal psychedelic drug company. We spoke with Matt Stang, the co-founder and CEO of Delic Corp to learn more about their mission as well as any strategies they utilized to build a publicly traded, legal psychedelic ecosystem.

Matt Stang spent twenty years pioneering the legal cannabis space as the former Owner-Operator of High Times – one of the first cannabis media and events companies. He built up High Times as its owner and even brought the infamous Cannabis Cup around the world.

Can you describe how you have transitioned into psychedelic wellness as well as Delic’s mission?

In 2018 I saw that there was a really interesting opportunity with psychedelics coming online. My wife (Jackee Stang) and I founded Delic as the world’s first psychedelic wellness corporation. Our mission with Delic Corp is to mainstream psychedelic wellness and to mainstream psychedelics.

Matt Stang

Delic Corp started out as a media and events company themselves. According to Delic’s founder, Matt, this was due to a total lack of legal psychedelic companies, so a media and events platform was used to ‘build a psychedelic ecosystem.’

How has Delic evolved from its media platform?

Upon going public six months ago, we have been acquiring cash-flowing businesses in the psychedelic space. So, we acquired CBDV (Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures) which has their cannabis, hemp, and psilocybin licenses from Health Canada. And, we have acquired a chain of ketamine clinics called ketamine infusion centers across Arizona and California.

So, we have FDA-compliant ketamine clinics that can take on other novel molecules that are approved by the FDA for psychedelic wellness.

Matt Stang

CBDV is a research lab founded by an award-winning organic chemist who received his Ph.D. from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ), and so this has launched Delic deeper into the psychedelic ecosystem.

On the scientific side, (with) Dr. Markus Roggen’s company (CBDv), we are building out an IP portfolio around psilocybin. He has a license for Health Canada for psilocybin and so he is going to do some interesting work utilizing that license. We are looking to create a bunch of novel IP around psilocybin – vaporization and nanoparticle technology, and novel delivery and consumer-packaged goods formats – as Oregon and other jurisdictions allow psilocybin to be treated as a therapeutic benefit product.

We are looking into Oregon and other state-legal markets to roll out a vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution of those products.

Matt Stang

Can you further describe CBDV and their founder, Dr. Markus Roggen’s role in the space?

Dr. Markus and his team have created this AI technology to understand cannabinoids and we are applying that to psilocybin (mushrooms) to find and learn more compounds that are in there and how they can be effective for folks for therapeutic use.

Matt Stang

Can we liken science as the engine in Delic’s psychedelic ecosystem, and where are you driving this novel IP?

So, there is Oregon, some Caribean nations – Jamaica has allowed for it. Some places are in the process of bringing psilocybin online as a therapeutic use compound outside of normal FDA compliance or normal pharmaceutical versions.

So, we think there is a really interesting marketplace that amounts to therapeutic consumer-packaged goods. So, by developing by this IP we will have those product lines ready to launch in markets as they come online. And then collect data utilizing our eco-system, our large forward-facing content platform which has 100,000s of visitors a month coming to it. And the idea is to have a collection point so the people who try the product can then self-report on our website (Reality Sandwich) how they work.

We will have large amounts of self-reported data along with novel IP that can be packaged together and either licensed or sold to a biotech or pharmaceutical company looking for a derisked psilocybin product that they can push through their pipeline.


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