Does a Hot Box Get You Higher?

Article by Herb Approach

Does a Hot Box Get You Higher? By Herb Approach

We all have the one friend who smokes tons of weed and has a hack for everything. From saving your cannabis, different flavour and how to get higher. Your friend probably also swears by hotboxing and that it gets you higher. But does sitting in a hot box actually get you more baked?

What is a Hot Box?

If you haven’t had the amazing opportunity of sitting in an incredibly sweaty and smokey hot box sesh, you’re missing out. For many moons, people have claimed that locking yourself in a tiny space with weed smoke will get you higher. For those who have spent their fare share in a Jamaican hotbox (turning the shower on while puffing) will claim that it’s the best way to smoke.

Many cannabis users have had the pleasure of getting smoked out in a tiny room, exchanging air for grass. But does this extra smoke get you more buzzed or just your clothes smelling extra fragrant? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Don’t Bring Your Friend That Doesn’t Smoke In

If you have a friend that doesn’t like to smoke, or needs to take a drug test for work, they’re better off not joining in the box. Research at the John Hopkins University found that in certain cases, the second hand smoke from cannabis is enough to induce effects in a non smoker. And in extreme cases they failed urine and blood tests scanning for marijuana.

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