What do We Hope to Gain From Legalizing Pot?

Article by Randall Denley, Ottawa Citizen


Smoking marijuana can impair one’s thought processes, but all the federal government needs to do is talk about it to achieve a state of surreal confusion.

Consider the situation today. Marijuana is going to be legalized next year. Cool. In the meantime, illegal pot stores are proliferating across the country under the guise of offering medical marijuana. Since they are illegal, and theoretically don’t exist, they are unaffected by zoning regulations and business licence requirements. Little is known about the quality of what they sell. When Health Canada received a report about dangerous toxins in marijuana sold in dispensaries in Vancouver, it sat on it and did nothing. Police don’t know what to do about all of this, and in Ottawa, they are not enforcing the existing law.

The government has promised a new regime that will be all about public health, protection of children, regulation and fighting organized crime. Instead, it has delivered its own form of reefer madness, where anything goes.

Not to worry, though. The government’s expert task force will have worked out all the legalization details by November and new legislation is coming by spring.

That’s seen as slow, but in reality, legalizing marijuana is easy to promise, hard to execute. There might be a reason why Uruguay is the only country in the world that has done it.

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