High! Canada: Welcome To A New Age Of Edibles

Article by Cy Williams, High! Canada

High! Canada: Welcome To A New Age Of Edibles

There are literally hundreds of edible companies currently active and selling their infused products across the Canadian marketplace.

The proliferation of marijuana edibles for both medical and recreational purposes is giving rise to a cottage industry of baked goods, every possible sort of snack food, candies, infused oils, cookbooks and classes that promises a slow burn as Canada moves towards legalizing the practice and as the awareness spreads about the best ways to deliver the drug.

Edibles and infused products such as snack bars, olive oils and tinctures are incredibly popular with medical marijuana users and this part of our Canadian cannabis industry has flourished into a gourmet market and there is no stopping it now. Many pot users turn to edibles because they don’t like to inhale or smell the smoke or just want variety. For many people who are sick or in pain, controlled doses of edibles or tinctures can deliver a longer-lasting therapeutic dose that doesn’t give them the high.

With the recent move towards CBD infused products – we are starting to see some real quality and selection out there in the consumer medible market as more and more consumers begin to become aware of the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Cannabis infused baked goods like the classic brownie or cookie have always been popular among a subset of the Canadian cannabis community, but with the fact that Canada is poised to become legal and that means more and more people from the mainstream are going to be able to consume, which means there is now significantly more interest in all forms of cannabis consumption.

Like all forms of industry in Canada – the cream rises to the top and in an incredibly competitive Canadian edible market – that counts for a lot. Consumers want the very best – they want lab-tested products, organically produced goods and phenomenal tasting products that do exactly what they state they will do. Canadian cannabis consumers want selection and awesome packaging. They want quality product – the same quality you can find in the traditional Canadian market.

With this in mind we took a long hard look and sampled more edible products then we ever thought possible and selected our seven favorite companies in Canada. It was a tough process and while there were a number of runner-up companies – these seven stood out as the very best.

The companies we have selected as our best of best have worked hard at building trusted and reliable companies which are slowly and steadily moving towards compliance over the last two years and are absolutely companies to watch over the coming months.

High! Canada: Welcome To A New Age Of Edibles

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