High! Canada: Stellar J’s vs. Toko Gold

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High! Canada: Stellar J’s vs. Toko Gold

At first glance, the Toko is slightly longer and more noticeable with the gold p. That maybe okay for indoor use, but when you are strolling around in public, you may not want that attention. The Toko also has this 5 tap system that can be a pain sometimes, as you may not want to fidget with this on the go. Flavour and potency are excellent!

The Stellar J’s are more of a standard vape pen size and with its dark finish, it is extremely stealthy, unfortunately the vape is a little bit noticeable! It has a simple inhale for 7 seconds to turn on. It has excellent flavor and potency as well! For $25 less the Toko, I think it has more bang for the buck! It comes in a great Honey Oil flavor!

High! Canada: Stellar J’s vs. Toko Gold

A few things about the Stellar J’s Premium Vape Pen…

You only need to charge each battery for about 2-3 hours. The battery will show a red light and then a green light once fully charged. The charge will depend on how much each user uses each pen and that will determine the life of the battery charge. If you’re someone who is strictly using the pen and no other products and using it throughout the day, each charge can last around 4 – 6 hours of constant vaping. If the pen is just for occasional use once or twice a day or every once and awhile, the battery charge can last up to a week or two.

The first, and currently only, oil strain in the StellerJ’s pen is a tasty Pink Kush that resembles the old school Honey Oil from BC. This oil is uncut, meaning that they have le in its full terpene and cannabinoid profile with the help of not using any glycerin fillers that alter the taste or chemistry, leaving the oil in its pure form. As per flavors, we’ve been told that we can expect to see 1-3 new strains and flavors this coming holiday season, along with their brand new rolling papers. For more information on TopLeaf visit them online at www.topleaf.ca

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