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High! Canada Spotlight on: Women in Weed Hamilton

With Hamilton becoming so very Winteresting to cannabis enthusiasts across South Western Ontario – we thought it prudent to get to know some of the people involved in the scene and we heard so many wonderful things about the ladies over at KhronicKreations we had to find out more – and did we ever – From infused ‘get to know you’ breakfasts to dispensary tours and insight into the way cannabis culture in Hamilton really works to the Festival of Friends and Tom Cochrane to our co-produced New Hamsterdam Indixer at the Ganjanistas Social Club to the very successful Wake’nBake Breakfast Mixers – these women are powerhouses on the South Western Ontario cannabis landscape and educating everyone they encounter along the way. With an eye on doing things properly and dotting all their eye’s and crossing all their tee’s – KhronicKreations is absolutely a powerful brand to watch.

Tammi: Founded KhronikKreations in February of 2016 after 20+ years of baking and 5+years of infusing cannabis into her baked goods as well as full breakfast/lunch and dinner party infused services. KhronikKreations is a full oil extract edible company that uses only butter, olive oil and coconut oil in their products. They use a local medical grower and infuse their butter and oils themselves. She studied and completed the Marketing, Sales & Drug Development through Kwantlen Polytechnic University (2016-2017), to further educate herself on proper medical cannabis dosing in addition to different methods of cannabis dosing. Through this she was able to assist patients with cancer, depression, anxiety and most effectively with MS. Currently KhronikKreations hosts private parties and events, as well as bakes delightful cannabis treats for her new and current clients.

Chantel: Is the partner in KhronikKreations and also the youngest member of the team. She brings energy and some amazing cooking skills in the kitchen. Coming from a large Italian family, she can whip up sauces, jams and family style dinners unlike anyone you’ve seen. She has 10+years of catering experience, and lucky for the group, quick with the social media, millennial lingo and an understanding of extracts that brings huge value to the team.

Sheila: Is the main brand promo and PR for the team. As our #1 medical testimonial for MS she knows better than anyone just how much benefit there is to using cannabis. Since eating KhronikKreations infusions she has not had to use many of her toxic medications that are prescribed to MS patients, and in turn has been a huge assistant to other people going through the same life challenges. Together with Tammi they have started a new venture with @268Tours based out of Antigua from which Sheila has close ties and family.

Kathryn: Bringing over 30+years of floral and event planning experience she is an invaluable member of the team. She oversees all major events and parties and co-ordinates the overall look and vibe for our most wonderful guests. Kathryn also has 30+years of amazing cooking experience and has brought so many exciting new treats and food ideas to KhronikKreations.

Carrie: Is the overseer of our team. She assists in every aspect of what we all do and helps out wherever we need an extra hand. “What do you need” is her key line and her sense of humor and most calm and soothing nature brings control to the team when we may be all running in different directions. She brings us back in and keeps us on track. Most valuable quality to any team to say the least!

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