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Cobra	Canada	 Product	Line	Review

With the wide array of medicinal marijuana products available, it can be difficult for newbies, such as myself, to navigate the possible benefits of certain products. Fortunately, I have done some legwork for you and this month I will focus on the Cobra Canada range of topical and vape products.

Cobra Canada Vape Pens:

Cobra Canada Vape Pens:

The Cobra line includes a couple of disposable vape pens, which, if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to administer medicinal product fast, is the way to go.

Cobra Canada Jack Herer Vape Pen:

The Jack Herer vape pen comes in an individual sealable glass vial, so there’s no worry about a smell permeating pockets or bags. It’s a refreshing looking lime green, and the battery lights up the cobra embossed tip with a bright white light when it’s in use. It has a smooth pull and mild taste, something that may appeal to those who don’t smoke or want to inhale carcinogens.

Cobra Canada Jack Herer Vape Pen:

I felt the effects after only a couple of minutes, and it took about 2 hours to fade. The strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid, intended to make the user feel creative, uplifted and energetic, and is best used to treat depression, stress and pain. I felt physically relaxed and energetic, able to focus completely on what I was doing, without the usual sleepy or heaviness I associate with cannabis. I can see this being useful when I feel anxious or under pressure, and would definitely use this pen again.

Cobra Canada Pink Kush Vape Pen:

As with the Jack Herer, Pink Kush arrived in a sleek tube, but with a black finish on the pen. The battery activation light turns red while you inhale, making it easy to see and gauge dosage. Presumably, this is (a rather wise decision) to differentiate between the strains so you don’t make yourself sleepy when you need to function.

It has a smooth draw, and a nice taste to start, however the aftertaste is a little strong, so be prepared for this. I felt the effects fairly fast, within 5 minutes, but can’t comment on the length as I fell asleep without any issue shortly after. As someone who struggles to catch Zs, I can attest to its efficacy as a sleep aide. As with Indica strains in general, users can expect to feel relaxed and happy, and it is best used to treat depression, insomnia and loss of appetite.

For first-time or newer users, it’s recommended to start out slow. My first doses of both pens were low, to gauge my reaction and I’m glad I took this approach. They are high quality, powerful products that work fast, so experiment with your dosage to ind the right amount for your needs.

Cobra Canada Topicals:

The creams I tried both came in sleekly designed boxes, with hard plastic cosmetic pots containing 30mls of product in each.

Cobra Canada Topicals:

Cobra Canada Cramp and Arthritic Cream:

The white and gold packaging was easy to open and the product smells strongly of herbs and cloves. It absorbs easily and quickly, leaving no sticky or slimy residue and seems to act fast. I tried it on one of my hands and found it eased my arthritic fingers and old wrist injury pains, but did not completely eliminate them. Not that I was expecting a miracle… the effects were noticeable for some time and definitely helped reduce stiffness. I have yet to try it for cramps, but am looking forward to seeing if it is as effective in that area.

Cobra Canada Muscle and Joint Rub

Cobra Canada Topicals:

This product came in a black and silver pot and smells very strongly of menthol (or something like it). It takes a little longer to rub in sufficiently, as it also contains dried herbs that you need to work into the skin, but it does start to work during the massage process. It feels a little like icy-hot and my shoulder and neck started to feel pleasantly tingly at first, then more like a cold compress was being applied. It lasted about an hour, but the resulting relaxation in my muscles remained for much longer and I would definitely use this again. The rub is more effective for sport and athletic applications, and the cream is more for day to day ergonomic and arthritic pain applications. and should be reapplied every two – three hours.

Overall, if you suffer from chronic joint pain or cramps, these might not be the products for you, but for more minor aches and muscle pain, I would recommend them. Unfortunately neither product fully discloses the ingredients, and there is also no suggested reapplication time frame for best results, but as with the vape pens, tinker with your dosage to find what suits you.

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