High! Canada Magazine Reviews TopLeaf

Article by Sarah Samedi, High! Canada

High! Canada Magazine Reviews TopLeaf

Hello! I am La Diva Sativa, Sarah Samedi. I’m 37 years old, Canadian (Southern Ontario), and am a stage four cancer survivor. I believe that so many ailments can be treated with cannabis use, and I believe that knowledge is power. Advocating and educating people on how to use cannabis is so important, so I’m overjoyed to bring my knowledge to you through this column.

This month’s strains come from BC Weed Co, through TopLeaf, and Pura CO2 Honey Oil, also through TopLeaf. Thank you, friends.

Unboxing TopLeaf’s packaging was a true treat: lots of information, a few samples, and some very, very high quality products from BC Weed Co and Pura. I made sure to take lots of photos as I went, and I hope you enjoy my opinions of these three amazing strains.

Blue Afghani – Indica (Blueberry x Afghani)

Blue Afghani – Indica Blueberry x Afghani

Ultra smooth smoke with a very sweet, fragrant bouquet. Fruit on the inhale and spice on the exhale, with very little flavour inside the smoke itself. That’s not to say there’s no flavour at all; it’s a subtle hint of berry through the nose instead of on the tongue.

The quality of the bud is beautiful. Dense and covered in crystal, Blue Afghani breaks down fluffy, potent enough that a ¼ tsp is enough to turn the volume way down on physical pain. The smoke is creamy and rich, and the bud burns down to fine white ash.

Rolled into a joint with CO2 honey oil, the berry flavour is so subtle that it’s overwhelmed by the sweet honey taste.

Altogether, this strain is rated high for pain and anxiety, and though it’s an indica strain, it doesn’t leave me locked to the couch powerwatching Twin Peaks all day.

Lemon Haze – Sativa

Lemon Haze – Sativa

Let’s be frank; I love my sativa strains, and to have Lemon Haze is nothing short of pure joy. Its taste is bright and citrusy, like freshly peeled lemons. It smokes like a dream, which seems to be consistent with all of BC Weed Co’s products.

The effects of this strain were so immediate and overwhelming that I was handwriting my notes and smoking at the same time to get this review completed. I felt confident and cheerful, mood elevated to the max, creative and conversant. Some sativas are so zesty that I can feel jittery, as if I’ve had too much coffee, but Lemon Haze left me relaxed at the same time I was motivated.

The bud itself is gorgeous, greenish-yellow with golden hair in it, and the bouquet when broken down is incredible: Lemon peel, lemon fruit, with a hint of skunk. This isn’t surprising as the parent plants of Lemon Haze are Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze. This produces a very high quality sativa that doesn’t leave the user anxious or paranoid.

OG Golden Goat – Sativa Hybrid

OG Golden Goat – Sativa Hybrid

I’m coming into this strain almost completely blind. I know that OG stands for Ocean Grown rather than Original Gangsta (ie I am a Marijuana OG or something along those lines), but other than that I don’t know if it’s an indica, a sativa, or a hybrid.

As a bud, it’s gorgeous, so light it’s nearly strawberry blonde, and smells, no joke, like October. The scent of apples and cloves and dried leaves fills my nose both before and after the grind. It makes me want to put on my favourite sweater and boots!

The smoke itself is smooth as silk, ultra tasty with those warm spicy notes, and knocks any kind of physical pain I’m having right out of the park. Goodbye aching joints and hello creativity! That’s what leads me to think this is a sativa dominant hybrid.

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