High Canada: Lets be Blunt…

Article by Kelly Gibson, High! Canada

High Canada: Lets be Blunt...

I’m a Marijuana advocate who comes from a very conservative family. My grandparents are the typical couple from the 50’s, even sleeping in twin beds like they did in old movies. My mom is a conventional lady also, after being raised by my grandparent s . She unwilling lives an unconventional life, after becoming a single mom. They do not approve of Marijuana, legal or otherwise.

Only my mom knows I use Marijuana for medical purposes and that I write several ‘Weed’ Blog’s online. I only intend to tell my grandparent if necessary, I’m pretty certain they wouldn’t understand or listen. In addition to the obvious emotional conflicts, this causes me, my heart is broken for another reason. My family saw me suffer when I initially became sick and had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I suffered from both the illness itself and from the pharmaceuticals is was given. I got smart and switched to Marijuana, use it regularly and I feel significant relief from my symptoms. Why can’t they see the difference?

Even still I hear negative and stereotypical comments from them about Marijuana. How it is wrong, what I’m doing is wrong, how lazy those people are and so on. The problem is that most of what they say is misinformed, which’s the best example of the average opinion. Even now Marijuana has not been accepted in society the w ay I think it should be . I don’t expect my family to agree or support my use of Marijuana and my work in the industry. But I do hope they will educate themselves more before judging me for what I’m doing and for sharing this information with others. Not having the full support of those closest to you is a challenge, I chose to see it as a reflection of their issues and not my own.

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