High! Canada Feature: GetGreenline

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High! Canada Feature: GetGreenline

High! Canada Magazine had the extreme pleasure of speaking to Alejandro Acre, Albert Kim, Calvin Ho from GetGreenline about their successful Point of Sale (POS) software. How did you guys get started in the industry?

GetGreenline started with the goal of fixing the slow lines at dispensaries, as customers ourselves, we wanted better service. Back in 2016 dispensaries had manual and slow sales processes. One person would take the order, the other one the cash; it took five people to service one client. That was when Calvin and Albert decided to build a POS and warehousing application that would facilitate dispensary processes. During this time, they met Alejandro, who managed a dispensary in Vancouver and was able to share insider details on every step of the process and how things could be improved. The 3 cannabis entrepreneurs joined forces with the goal of ensuring the success of the Canadian cannabis retail market.

What is the biggest improvement that your new POS application has to offer?

Existing POS systems assume that one store is the same as one inventory location; however, the best way to keep control over a dispensary is to manage inventory under multiple smaller locations within the store – front of store, back of store, warehouse, safe, etc. This way, retailers are able to run audits and transfers through smaller sectors of the business and maintain tighter control. Many dispensaries have big dreams to expand beyond single uniforms, and the technology they use should fully enable their visions.

What are some of the other benefits of your POS application?

Clients save hundreds of hours from convoluted spreadsheets and thousands of dollars from internal theft protection by monitoring their employee and inventory activity in granular detail. Large chain stores save an unimaginable amount of administrative headaches by having all of their products, reports, and inventory locations viewable from a single consolidated dashboard, rather than having completely separate data for each store.

What’s next for you guys?

We are excited about the future. March marks the release of our new iPad application.60% of cannabis retailers use iPads as their points of sale, they enjoy the freedom to bring the application with you as you walk around the store and are able to give the consumer a better shopping experience.We’ve worked along some of these retailers to create an robust and flexible iPad POS that is seamless to use and allows the front of store staff to stay focused on the consumer to satisfy their needs.We’re also working closely with regulators from the provincial governments to help them understand the process of cannabis retail and create a framework that will allow for control of transactions and products.

In the near future: Our customers have requested that we add Digital signage to our offerings and we’re here to please. We are also connecting with credit card processing solutions as well as a robust loyalty program for retailers to engage their existing customer base. Check us out at @GetGreenline on FB, Twitter & Instagram.

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