High! Canada Checks in With Miss Dee & The Green Pride Tour

Article by Miz D, High! Canada

High! Canada Checks in With Miss Dee & The Green Pride Tour

Driving through certain places in Canada is still somewhat iffy but I didn’t want to delay the GREEN PRIDE TOUR any longer! It’s taken some reenvisioning but I’m finally ready to take flight for the first of many destinations I’ll be visiting over the next several months. And I leave today! I’m so excited to finally hit the tarmac and begin what I know will be an amazing, life-altering adventure. Freed from the restrictions of driving within a set timeline, I’ve reconfigured the tour to include more of the upcoming Canadian conferences and expos that I like to attend. I’m looking forward to seeing several colleagues, many who have become close friends over time. These events give us a welcome opportunity to relax and catch up on our busy lives.

I’ll also devote some of my time to exploring local cannatourism. I love Cannabis and enjoy hanging out with others who feel likewise. Meeting people is fun for me and going on tour appeals to my inner pilgrim. And of course, I’ll be speaking, interviewing, facilitating and hosting events throughout 2017. I hope you’ll attend at least one! I’m attempting to post a monthly SCHEDULE but will also be adding new dates as they are confirmed. If you’d like me to visit your community, please CONTACT me with an invite and we’ll explore the possibilities. I’ve set myself the personal challenge of blogging regularly about this journey and I look forward to sharing the experience with you over the coming months. If you’re interested in getting involved with the GREEN PRIDE TOUR, there are a variety of ways to SUPPORT this initiative. I’d love to include as many individuals and companies as possible and always welcome community partnerships.

That’s it for this update, stay safe and be well,

Authentically yours, Miz D

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