High! Canada: Best of Prohibition Yearbook Edition

Article by High! Canada

High! Canada: Best of Prohibition Yearbook Edition

With legalization here, at last, it only seems fair to give a few nods to some of the cool brands, people, businesses, services, products that have led the way over the last few years. Some are still around, some are best-kept secrets, others have already transitioned to a more regulated role within the Canadian cannabis space. Some will continue to fight the good fight and many will find a way to do it within the new legal regulatory framework and some will not.

Prohibition in Canada put a lot of people in jail and that did not stop very many from believing in the plant anyways. One of the most important things we can remember as Canadians right now during this historic me is that it is not true legalization without decriminalization. Its just not and if it’s going to be truly legal we need cannabis amnesty and we need it retroactively applied.

I hope you enjoy our best of lists as much as we did creating them. On behalf of the entire High! Canada Magazine team – Welcome to the end of prohibition!

Dispensary culture was such a big part of prohibition over the last few years and such an interesting culture has risen out of this. That of the savvy cannabis consumer. A brand new, ever growing, consumer group becoming hyper-aware of things like how a store looked and represented itself with its customer base and with its own community and municipality. Inside the store things like packaging and proper labeling, selection and consistency became very very important.

Over the last five years, we have seen countless cannabis-based brands start and thrive and fail and some were amazing and others were not. A select few, however, really stood out to us here at High! Canada Magazine and we would like to take a moment to shout out some of the beer shops we have encountered in our travels.

Narrowing it down to our top 10 was too difficult so we whiled it down to our top 15 instead. These were are the opinions of High! Canada Magazine and we have toured a phenomenal number of dispensaries over the last four years. They are not ranked in any particular order but they do represent some of the best dispensaries we have had the pleasure of visiting pre-legalization.

Best Of Products

What’s in a Grizzler?

These aren’t your ordinary pre-rolls. Created by true connoisseurs, there are a few components that put Grizzlers on a whole new level.

From sourcing material through to customer service, the level of care and attention to detail displayed by our team consistently ensures that our customers receive the highest quality end product following every purchase.

Each convenient, durable, flip-top package of Grizzlers Pre Rolls comes individually sealed for freshness. Once unwrapped, the contents will remain fresh for up to 5 days. To be sure you get the most out of your Grizzlers, store in a cool, not-so-dry environment after opening.

Our signature blends are produced with an emphasis on quality and consistency. Available in both Indica and Sava varieties, our line of blended Grizzlers pre-rolls offer an outstanding solution for any preference.

Our Premium Line of Grizzlers Pre Rolls renders our customers an additional, higher caliber experience. These limited collections are produced using organic, small batch, craft cannabis grown by expert cultivators using only the finest genetics.

Available in both Indica and Sava, the Grizzlers Premium Line is a curated selection of strain-specific pre-rolls designed to offer a heightened level of satisfaction. Enjoy your consumption to the fullest with Canada’s premier packaged pre-rolls.

Premium starting material, careful production and quality assurance ensure an optimal smoking experience, every me. Grizzlers signature Indica and Sava blend pre-rolls provide an exceptional overall experience for a great value.

Best Of CBC

CBD related products really began to take off the last few years leading up to the end of prohibition in Canada. With more and more cannabis users now discovering the benefits that came with use.

Very little THC levels made it appealing to seniors and soon people with a wide assortment of ailments have started looking into this remarkable alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

There have been some really great companies out there over the last few years producing both hemp and cannabis-based, high-quality CBD products. The market has really exploded and will continue to do so after prohibition is all said and done but some of our favourite companies up to date have included Medigreen, Joshua Tree and Sky Extracts.

Harry’s Honey produces craft honey, infused with CBD that will astound and amaze you. CBD Therapeutics is highly recommended and a solid choice for hemp-based CBD and certainly know their way around the hemp plant.

The Herb Angels line is also a solid hemp-based line with a good lineup of top-shelf product, consistent dosing, and a prey decent product line.


Our personal favourite is Grassroots Essentials because of their incredible product line, the commitment they have made to their customer base to not only deliver the very best, cannabis-based CBD product they can but to also serve the medical needs of the community by providing small batch, grassroots reliability. By offering small-batch craft CBD manufacturing with a solid high-quality product line consisting of tinctures, E-Liquids, creams, salves, lip balm, CBD oil tank cartridges and more

Best Of Vapes

The Airistech Mysca Vaporizer has a small, sleek, & discrete design, an internal 650mAh Battery and 360 Degree Leak Proof Design and is one of our top picks. The cartridge system is foolproof. Editor’s Pick! Available at Majesc Vapes in Brampton, Ontario and wherever great vapes are sold.

The Shatterizer is the best and newest vaporizer pen to hit the market and is shaping expectations. The people who produce the Shaerizer are always so excited and pleased to introduce the Shatterizer to those who are new to, or very experienced with vaping technology, vape pens, and portable vaporizers.

The Shatterizer delivers perfect clouds, every me!

The entire High! Canada Magazine team loves, endorses and supports this uniquely Canadian brand. The Shatterizer is a dream staple in your life if you love concentrates. Period.

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