The Herbal Chef Reveals Guilty Pleasures And Comes Out Against ‘Joint Pairings’

Article by James McClure, Civilized

Like any chef, Christopher Sayegh is focused on using the very best ingredients to make the very best meals for food lovers. That ingredient list includes cannabis – the very best cannabis, of course.

Sayegh (a.k.a. The Herbal Chef) throws pop-up dinner parties with a cannabis twist. He also hosts Pot Pie, a cannabis cooking show on PROHBTD’s YouTube channel. And next year, he’ll be opening Herb, a cannabis restaurant located right on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California.

These projects are all part of his plans to elevate cannabis culture. To find out more, we spoke with Sayegh about his work, his vision and the future of culinary marijuana. Here’s the second instalment in our three-part interview with The Herbal Chef. (Also check out part one, which delves into his background and plans for the new restaurant.)

You’ve compared meals to symphonies, but what sort of music would you compare the munchies to?

I would compare it to dubstep. Because it’s very fat and you just want whatever it is. Whatever’s in front of you, you just mix and match it and put it in your mouth.

Do you have any guilty pleasures hiding in your cupboard at home?

Oh, my God totally. Chocolate, I always have chocolate somewhere in the house.

But chocolate’s respectable. It’s not like a Costco-sized bag of Funyuns.

No, no. Fortunately I don’t enjoy the chips and that sort of stuff. I say “fortunately” because there’s so much in the food world that I could be addicted to in the food world. But I’m gung-ho about chocolate.

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