Have We Lost Legalization?

Article by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network


What doesn’t the Alberta government get about legalization? 

To be part of their legal distribution industry, “an applicant that is or was a participant in the unlawful cannabis trade, including illegal retail or medical sales… will not be eligible for a retail cannabis licence.”

That’s not legalization.

Similar nonsense comes from the mouth of Justin Trudeau.  Legalization is about protecting youth and keeping it out of the hands of criminals. Not since even before the election has he expanded on what exactly that means.

The “unlawful cannabis trade,” especially in British Columbia, are not biker gangs or violent thugs. The majority of the industry are normal people like you and me.

The gangs dealing with cannabis are also pushing harder drugs. Ending the drug war ends their revenue stream. It’s that simple.

Other than to maintain the rule of law (which we have plenty of) there is no need to create new cannabis legislation.

Let alone all new government infrastructure to sell the product. I think this comedy sketch from CBC demonstrates the point nicely.

Cannabis dispensaries and farmers aren’t the alcohol-equivalent of Al Capone.

We’re the Cheech and Chong’s of society. I know that’s not the image every cannabis connoisseur will like, but that’s a stereotype that works to our advantage.

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