Green Crack: The Questionably-Named Sativa That Packs A Punch

Article by Matt Mernagh, Lift News

Higher Education Green Crack: The Questionably-Named Sativa That Packs A Punch By Matt Mernagh

A notorious sativa steeped in marijuana lore, Green Crack is packed with enough getup ‘n’ go that, if you ingest too much, it may potentially cause an uncomfortable sensation. The moniker can be a major turn-off, but it wasn’t always referred to as Green Crack.

The history, origins and genetics of Green Crack

Green Crack is one of the most enigmatic cannabis varieties ever to appear in the cannabis culture. It’s clouded in so much smoky mystery, we can’t ascertain how it exactly came to be.

Here’s what we do know: the Green Crack strain was originally referred as Cush by its breeder Cecil C., who was created it in Athens, Ohio, in 1990 from a Super Sativa Seed Club variety, Skunk #1 and an unknown indica (possibly Afghani #1 or Hindu Kush).

A grow crew from Georgia acquired a clone, which has created some confusion about where Cush originated — perhaps mixing up Athens, Georgia (the home of 90s Alternative rock band R.E.M.) with Cecil C’s home of Athens, Ohio.

Some experienced growers have suggested Green Crack is just an outstanding example of SSC’s Skunk #1, which had the reputation for a roadkill skunk smell people either loathed or loved. That’s why, to this day, some people believe all cannabis stinks like skunk!

Snoop Dogg and his cannabis crew renamed the less controversial, safe-sounding Cush (not to be confused with Kush) to Green Crack to reflect more accurately, in their opinion, its uplifting creative effects.

Legend has it that Snoop Dogg’s crew was getting their Cush from a fellow who went by the name of Bunz, who may or may not have acquired a clone from Cecil C.

A new name combined with Snoop’s marijuana marketing powers created a cannabis powerhouse that still has staying power.

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