How to Get High at the Office Holiday Party and Not Ruin Your Career

Article by Claire Downs, Merry Jane

Nothing is less fun than mandatory fun. Especially if that fun involves spending your unpaid personal time avoiding Gary from Accounting, who creepily keeps pointing out the mistletoe taped to the ceiling. But, the office holiday party is a time-honored tradition and you have to attend.

At least it’s a great way to get some free food and drink, watch your coworkers make fools of themselves, and get the inside scoop on what your boss really thinks about Gary from Accounting. If you’re smart about it, it could even be an awesome way to bond or network with people from the office you don’t get a chance to talk to during the week.

That’s why choosing to be low-key stoned is totally the move. When done right, you seem calm, collected, and like you have your shit together, whether you do or do not, in fact, have your shit together. When done wrong, you look like a ravenous giggle monster who can’t keep up with normal conversation. Here are some tips for getting high at the office holiday party and avoiding a sitdown with HR.

Know your limits and stick to what you know.
Obviously, you don’t want to be the least sober person in the room. Time your sesh before you leave to be vibing at the party, not tired and over-mellow. The office holiday party is also not the time to try out an edible from a new company with vague dosing instructions. Stick to your favorite methods of use!

Use edibles or a discreet vape.
Edibles are the easiest way to avoid any awkward situations involving flower. You won’t reek of a stinky roach in your Christmas sweater pocket and you won’t run the risk of the coat-check worker discovering your paraphernalia. If you’re not into edibles and you want to keep your buzz going, a PAX 3 or similarly discreet vape is the way to go. Using one on the low in the fire stairwell won’t get you busted.

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