The Game is Happy Marijuana Wasn’t Legal Previously Because of Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”

Article by Trent Clark, Hip Hop DX


The idea of mass incarceration over marijuana charges infuriates The Game. Which is why he openly campaigned for Prop 64 ahead of its successful passing on November 8. The Golden State — already renown for its loose legislation when it comes to the ganja (namely medicinal) — had been fighting for a proper law for some time now. All that came to pass, rather quietly, in the wake of President-elect Trump’s upset over Hillary Clinton, when Prop 64 became a thing of reality.

While California hasn’t voted for a Republican president since the first George Bush was elected, openly campaigning for something that many deem trivial like weed seems less trivial when taking into account the proposed “millions of dollars in taxes and fees” by the Bureau of Marijuana Control.

On Election Day Eve, the Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform took over Hollywood’s famed Fonda Theater for a Roll Up the Vote concert, featuring Game, Audio Push, Dreamville’s Bas and more. When asked to scale back his thought process to his 1992 days (the name and year circulating around his latest album), the Compton native broke out a laugh and gave a reason.

“I think marijuana’s legalization right now is the best time,” Game admits. “I don’t think it should have been legal back in the day. I just think that life in general would have a different … nigga there wouldn’t be no Chronic album, I’m out!”

Also released in 1992, Dr. Dre’s debut album could be considered as the Godfather of modern Hip Hop for its innovative use of samples — and the subsequent impact it had on the genre. The album art also featured accents of marijuana leaves, thus forever immortalizing the bond between rap and weed.

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